Spain & Gillon - Celebrating over 100 Years

Celebrating 100 Years

Spain & Gillon was founded in 1912 by Phares Coleman, who left his practice in Montgomery to come to Birmingham with just one insurance company as a client, USF&G. In 1919, Frank E. Spain became a partner with the firm, practicing corporate law. In 1925, John W. Gillon became a Partner with the firm, specializing in real estate, title and estate planning. From these roots, Spain & Gillon has grown to become a full service law firm representing clients across nearly every industry.

The names under which the Firm has practiced since its inception are:

Coleman & Coleman   (1912-1919)

Coleman, Coleman & Spain   (1919-1920)

Coleman, Coleman, Spain & Fisk   (1920-1922)

Coleman, Coleman, Spain & Stewart   (1922-1932)

Coleman, Spain, Stewart & Davies   (1932-1945)

Spain, Gillon, Grooms & Young   (1945-1953)

Spain, Gillon & Young   (1953-1965)

Spain, Gillon, Riley, Tate & Ansley   (1966-1972)

Spain, Gillon, Riley, Tate & Etheredge   (1972 – 1984)

Spain, Gillon, Tate, Grooms & Blan   (1984-1990)

Spain, Gillon, Grooms, Blan & Nettles   (1990-1996)

Spain & Gillon, L.L.C.  (1996-Present)


At Spain & Gillon:

We are in the relationship business. There’s a reason we have enjoyed long-term connections with many of our clients over the last 100 years: We don’t take these relationships for granted.

We know our clients and we understand their businesses. Because we are intimately familiar with our clients’ operations and their goals, we can better evaluate the risks they face and the opportunities available to them.

We are dedicated to helping our community. As a Firm and as individuals, we are involved in a wide variety of community organizations that have significantly contributed to Birmingham’s progress.

We recognize that great law firms are made up of great lawyers, but the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Our clients not only benefit from the expertise of our individual attorneys, but from the collective capabilities of our teams.

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